Located in Minneapolis, MN, we have delivered thousands of products to customers all of over the U.S.

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Electrical Products such as lighting, wire and cable, fuses and connectors, safety switches and switchgear


Industrial products such as industrial tape, paint, locks, pads, storage bins, steel drums, trucks and carts and lubricants as well as industrial automation electronics


Mechanical products such as pipe, valves & fittings, plumbing fixtures and supplies, furnaces and boilers

Safety Products

Safety and protection products such as construction hard hats, gloves, respirators, caution tape, flash lights, safety glasses and safety vests


Tools such as power tools, hand and service tools including wrench and engine kits, drill bits, sockets, clamps, gauges as well as welding accessories

Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory supplies such as burners, bench protectors, gloves, dispensers, bottles, flasks and containers